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MLS Football Shirts | Major League Soccer

It’s no surprise that Major League Soccer football shirts have seen a
massive surge in popularity since the arrival of David Beckham in the
States. The superstars iconic status has always meant that people who
wouldn’t normally entertain the idea of buying a football shirt will
happily part with their cash.

Unfortunately for the MLS, their elevated status means they have
come under our radar and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on their
shirts. If football is ever going to be anything more than a kids sport
in the USA, then now more than ever the shirts have to represent a
serious, professional league.

There’s more to the MLS than David Beckham and it’s well worth
having a look at the other shirts of the various teams in the league.
We’ve got them all!

Toronto FC Football Shirts


Toronto have got themselves a nice looking football shirt the dark grey inter-twined with the white in the now trade marked flash design looks great.

New England Revolution Football Shirts


New England have a shirt that epitomises America, red white and blue. And they have the stripes as well if you count Adidas’s famous lines across the shoulders. All that is missing is a few stars.

Kansas City Wizards Football Shirts


Not a lot you can say about either of these shirts one is blue and one is all white. I do like blue shirts as it’s a pretty complimenting colour.

DC United Football Shirts


I like the white design within this shirt and it shows that someone has a bit of innovative thinking. The collar is rounded and red which adds a nice touch to the shirt.

Columbus Football Shirts


You can’t beat a bit of black and yellow and although the design is the same as other teams in the league Columbus have got a shirt that is going to stand out amongst the crowd.

Chicago Football Shirts


Chicago, the windy city, but the only thing gail force are these two football shirts. Love the red shirt and those all to familiar stripes lashing into the sides of the body.

San Jose Earthquakes Football Shirts

The San Jose Earthquakes at last return to the MLS and the western
division after having the team relocate to Houston a few seasons ago.
Taking the helm will be Frank Yallop.

Real Salt Lake


Quite a nice shirt here, loud and proud with the colour choice. They all work well together, again the flashes down the sides of the shirt are a nice touch.

Colorado Rapids Football Shirts


As far as plain looking shirts go the Colorado home and away shirts pull it off without appearing too boring.

FC Dallas Football Shirts


Adidas would appear to have their hands full designing and manufacturing football shirts for the MLS.

Houston Dynamo Football Shirts


The 2007 MLS Cup Champions have produced two brilliant shirts here, manufacturers Adidas should be proud with what they have achieved.

Chivas USA Football Shirts


Not much in the way of difference between the home and away football shirts.

Los Angeles Galaxy Football Shirts


Marketing wise this team has just hit the jackpot and for one reason and one reason only, David Beckham. He did it with Manchester United and Real Madrid and now he is doing it in LA.