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Hyundai A League Football Shirts

While this league may not attract masses of world wide attention Hyundai A-League football shirts do get quite a good following, no where near as much as the more popular European leagues but just enough to market a little exposure.


With only eight teams in the league it is vastly lost in such a massive country but the fans flock to the grounds decked out in the colours of their team. Make no mistake Australian football shirts are growing.

Pick your shirt from the list of Hyundai A-League teams below to see reviews and find links to suppliers.

As Hyundai A League football shirts can be difficult to track down, especially out side of Australia, we do recommend the Official Hyundai A-League Store

North Queensland Fury Football Shirts


North Queensland Fury have released their new home shirt for their inaugural Hyundai A-League season.

Wellington Phoenix Football Shirts


The only non Australian club to play in this league have more to loose than most as each game they go into is not just club Vs club but New Zealand Vs Australia.

Sydney FC Football Shirts

Sydney United.jpg

The Sydney United home shirt for 2009-10 is light blue with dark blue panels just underneath the arms and a rounded collar.

The shirt is manufactured by Reebok.

Queensland Roar Football Shirts


The sunshine state as it’s known and Queensland have certainly used that in the colours of their home shirt at least.

Perth Glory Football Shirts

Perth Glory.jpg

Perth Glory have unveiled their new shirt for the 2009-10 season.

Newcastle Jets Football Shirts


I’m not sure what to make of the Newcastle Jets home shirt, the colour is different and innovative but that is all, in terms of design it’s plain and boring.

Melbourne Victory Football Shirts


At last a team has come forward and chosen to be different, what you see here is my pick for the two best football shirts in the Hyundai A League.

Central Coast Football Shirts


I feel I’m getting a strong case of deja vu with the design of these shirts so I’m not going to delve into that unless something jumps out at me. Instead I’m going to discuss the colours.

Adelaide United Football Shirts


Adelaide United the place where the some of the best wine comes from as well as one of the big boys of the Hyundai A League. Adelaide have pretty much stamped their authority and are making their mark.